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With the Amazon stock split complete, are these stocks next?

from Amazon The first stock split in nearly two decades went into effect on Monday, splitting each stock into 20 shares. The stock gained about 2% in Monday’s trading after the split. from google
head quarter Alphabet also announced a 20-to-1 stock split, which is expected to take effect in mid-July. Now, although splits don’t change a company’s fundamentals, they usually cause the stock price to rise after the announcement because investors view them as a signal that management is confident growth will remain. strong in the future. Although markets have turned increasingly bearish in recent months with the S&P 500 down almost 14% year-to-date, reducing the incentive for companies to spin off in the near term, we have identified a list of leading stocks that might be on the verge of eventually splitting into our chart of Stocks are ready for a split . The theme includes companies with a strong track record of revenue growth, with their shares also trading at high prices, potentially making them candidates for a stock split. Below is a bit more about some of these companies.

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last split in August 2020 and its stock has roughly doubled since then, trading at levels around $720 currently. Although Tesla stock has somewhat lagged in 2021, down 40% year-to-date, the company has indicated another split is likely, which will likely come to a vote. at the company’s shareholders’ meeting which is to take place at the beginning of August.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

the stock has never had a split in its history. That said, the company’s relatively high share price, at over $600, and its strong recent performance could make it a candidate for a spin-off in the future. Regeneron stock remains down about 3% year-to-date.

Search MAMA, a company that provides wafer fabrication equipment and related services to the semiconductor industry, saw its last stock split in 2020. The stock has significantly underperformed broader markets this year, down about 28%. However, the company’s recent financial performance has been strong, with revenues up more than 40% last year.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

the shares are currently trading at over $1,300 and the company has not completed any spin-offs to date. Although the stock has fallen slightly this year, the company’s financial performance has been strong, with the company increasing sales about 16% year-over-year in the first quarter to $2.02 billion. . This could prompt management to eventually proceed with a spin-off.

With stock prices falling precipitously across all sectors, we may be heading into a bear market for the first time since March 2020, when the Covid-19 outbreak triggered a stock market crash. We capture key Dow Jones trends during and after major stock market crashes in our interactive dashboard analysis,’Comparison of stock market crashes.’

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