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Why Men Hate Condoms | The reason men don’t like to use condoms

It’s a long-standing joke (it’s not funny at all, for the record) that men and people with penises hate wearing condoms. Reasons you will hear could range from “they don’t feel so good” to “I can’t come when I’m wearing one”. Which BTW is an absolute BS because there are so many super new condoms which are super thin and barely have an impact on the feel.

All in all, these are pretty bad attitudes, especially when it comes to sexual health and safe sex, which should always take priority over someone’s penile feelings.

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New York Times released a report that reveals that there may be another reason some penis owners aren’t fans of giant condoms – and it all comes down to size.

So apparently it turns out that the average penis is a few inches shorter than the standard condom length of 17cm. And it causes penis problems for some people when they use condoms.


Debby Herbenick, an expert in sexual health at Indiana University, studied 1,661 people in the United States and found 83% said their penis was shorter than most condoms. The average penis length was calculated at 5.57 inches, which is just over 14cm, or 2cm shorter than standard condoms.

The New York Times reports that some studies have shown that men and penis owners often said that condoms have a tendency to “slip”. Ron Frezieres, vice president of research and evaluation at Essential Access Health, added that “smaller men have a large roll of latex at the base of the penis.”

So we have good news for these people as there are now custom condoms available to fit all beautiful penis lengths and sizes. ONE condoms has launched its new line of condoms and there will be FIFTY SIX different fits to choose from.

It’s so sad and disturbing that condoms have such a bad reputation – they save FFS lives. But I hope that the introduction of these new personalized condoms will mean that more men and penis wearers will be ready to use them.

And for those who already use them religiously, just keep it up.

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