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Twitter employees fired by tweet; others can get supplies; high risk ads

A number of Twitter employees were fired in tweets by the company’s new owner, Elon Musk. The billionaire was apparently not happy to be publicly verified by its own engineers

Twitter employees fired over tweet

Engadget reports at least three examples.

At least three Twitter employees who survived mass layoffs that halved the company’s workforce have been fired after calling their new boss on the platform. One of them is Eric Frohnhoefer, who responded to Elon Musk’s tweet by apologizing for the slowness of Twitter in many countries. “The app does >1000 misgrouped RPCs just to render a personal timeline!” Musk wrote. Fröhnhoefer replied that after six years of working on Twitter for Android, he can say that Musk’s statement “is false”.

The multi-company manager then asked him what was the right number and what did he do to fix twitter for android which was “super slow”. He responded with the work his team did for the app and listing a few reasons why it’s slow: “First, it’s bloated with features that get little use. Second, we racked up years of technology debt as we traded speed and features for performance. Third, we spend a lot of time waiting for responses from the network. »

Their exchange continued in several chats, and when one user told Frohnhoefer he should have told his boss privately, he replied“Maybe he should ask questions privately. Maybe using Slack or email. After that, Musk let everyone know on Twitter that Fronhoefer had been fired.

The former Twitter app engineer said Forbes that he had not received any communication from Twitter about his dismissal and that his laptop “just died”.

Musk has since deleted his tweet.

Two other senior engineers had the same experience after publicly correcting Musk’s claims.

Exceptional Employees Can Still Get Shares

Although the company is 100% owned by Musk and it is not possible to buy shares in it, he said “exceptional” employees can still be awarded shares in the company. CNBC saw the memo.

Even though Twitter is now a private company, we will absolutely continue to provide stock and options as part of our ongoing compensation plan.

The stock plan will look a lot like SpaceX’s, which has been very successful. As with SpaceX, exceptional amounts of stock will be awarded for outstanding performance.

Ads on Twitter are high risk, says world’s largest agency

The world’s largest ad agency, GroupM, has warned clients that buying ads on Twitter puts their brands at high risk of damage, reports Platform.

GroupM, the world’s largest media buying agency with $60 billion in annual media spend, has told clients that Twitter is a high-risk media buy, according to Digiday and an email obtained by Platformer. . Twitter’s Head of Agency Partnerships explained the situation in Slack: “Given the recent departures of senior executives in key operational areas (specifically Security, Trust & Safety, Compliance), GroupM has updated update Twitter’s high-risk brand safety guidelines. While they understand that our policies remain in place, they believe that Twitter’s ability to quickly scale and address violations is uncertain at this time.

Major brands — including General Motors, Pfizer, Volkswagen, Eli Lilly and T-Mobile — had already pulled millions of dollars worth of Twitter ads before the warning. Two other major advertising companies, Mediabrands and Omnicom Media Group, have also advised their clients to remove advertisements from Twitter.

GroupM came up with a long list of things it would need to see before it could recommend buying Twitter ads. These almost exclusively undo the changes Musk has made to the platform.

  • Back to basic NSFW levels / toxic conversation on the platform
  • Repopulation of senior IT security, privacy, trust and security executives
  • Implementation of internal checks and balances
  • Full transparency on future development plans community guidelines / content moderation / anything that affects user safety or brand safety
  • Demonstrated commitment to moderating content effectively, applying current Twitter policies (e.g. account impersonation, non-compliant content removal schedule, intolerance of hate speech and misinformation)”

Musk ignored verification warnings

The edge reports that Musk’s own trust and safety team sent him a seven-page list of warnings about what would happen if he made the blue check mark something anyone could buy.

“Motivated scammers/bad actors might be willing to pay…to leverage increased amplification to achieve their ends where their benefit outweighs the cost,” reads the document’s first recommendation, which the team labeled “P0” to designate a concern in the highest risk category. .

“The impersonation of world leaders, advertisers, brand partners, election officials and other high-profile figures” was another P0 risk, the team found. “Legacy verification provides a critical signal in impersonation enforcement, the loss of which is likely to lead to increased impersonation of prominent accounts on Twitter.”

Twitter apparently did not implement a single one of the recommendations made by the team to minimize the damage.

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