Signal management

TRL Software will provide active travel traffic management for Manchester

TRL Software will provide its UTC SCOOT 7 traffic management software to Manchester, UK, which will among other things enable the city to give priority to pedestrians at traffic lights.

The system will allow for better dissemination of traffic data and better support for pedestrians, while beginning to rebalance the use of motorized and non-motorized roads.

The system will be delivered as part of a works program with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), one of whose aims is to improve the customer experience for pedestrians

“Along with our active travel component, something that makes our UTC unique is the open data portal that we provide as standard with the product,” says Paul Zanelli, Director of Strategic Projects at TRL. “This exposes historical and live signal data to our customers in an easy to understand and useful way that helps them quickly visualize where things need to be improved, while supporting the development of third-party applications such as cycling applications that are interfaced with our UTC.

“Transport for Greater Manchester has been using our easy-to-use UTC since 2019, and we are proud to be able to play a small part in helping TfGM deliver on its industry-leading transport strategy.”

Manchester City Council has received £500,000 from the DfT (Department for Transport) as part of the traffic signal maintenance funding appeal. This funding will assist in the deployment of TRL’s cloud-hosted UTC SCOOT until 2024.

Images: Adobe Stock