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The 12 Greatest “Sex And The City” Episodes Of All Time

The best Sex and the city episodes fall into one of the following two categories. There are those who provide a happy, carefree escape: endless cosmopolitans, rent-controlled apartments on the Upper East Side, journalists who can afford. Prada, and countless adventures with guest stars ranging from Bradley Cooper to Vince Vaughn. Then there are those who struggle with the complicated (and often harsh) realities of being a woman in a patriarchal society: the occasional sexism in the workplace; tired ageist beauty standards; the constant and endless pressure to “just settle in”; and the ever-present dilemma of whether or not to have children when everyone seems to “expect” you to. There were 93 episodes in the drama’s six-season original series – some good, some bad, and some deeply ugly. Ahead of Sex and the city to restart, here are the best ones to review now.

1. “Valley of the Twenty-Year-Old Guys”

Season 1, Episode 4

This is a classic episode where Carrie is seduced by an aspiring member of a 90s boy group, who throws her tongue ring at her at a bar and lives in what I can only describe as a fallout shelter decorated by Jerry Garcia. This is also the moment when Charlotte begins to reveal that she is, in fact, the worst. According to Carrie, her top three priorities when dating are “looks, manners, money” – a romantic approach that backfires when her investment banker of the day asks her to try anal sex afterward. a few weeks of attendance. Bonus points for the girls’ in-depth conversation about the power dynamics inherent in ramping up in the back of a taxi.

2. “The prenatal party”

Season 1, Episode 10

Nothing good happens when the Big 4 leave their natural Manhattan habitat – aggressive bikini waxes in LA, cultural faux pas in Paris, sexually transmitted diseases in the Hamptons, and don’t even get me started on Abu Dhabi. Their mishaps at the home of a Reformed Connecticut party girl in “The Baby Shower,” however, are both hilarious and poignant – each character weighing their own feelings about motherhood. Also note: Samantha and Miranda’s baby shower gifts, a bottle of scotch and pastel-colored condoms.

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3. “Take me to the ball game”

Season 2, Episode 1

Each main character is the peak of “herself” in this episode. Carrie is agonizing over her relationship with Mr. Big – both in Manhattan (“a deserted battlefield laden with emotional landmines”), and at a Yankees game in the Bronx, where she invites a football player. baseball at the Dolce & Gabbana party, and endless weird baseball metaphors about his romantic life. (“If I was a ball player I’d hit, uh, whatever’s really bad.”) Miranda is personally a victim of the wardrobe department and thrilled with her PalmPilot; Charlotte tries to solve a relationship problem with a purchase at Barneys and literally zero communication; and Samantha uses various unsuspecting objects to demonstrate the size of her boyfriend’s penis.