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Stutsman County Emergency Management Planning Siren Tests

JAMESTOWN, ND ( – Stutsman County Emergency Management will use Severe Weather Awareness Week in the summer to test their sirens and prepare for the season.

North Dakota Summer Severe Weather Awareness Week runs April 25-29 and is used to remind residents of the potential for extreme weather they may see in the state during the warmer months of the season. ‘year.

During the summer, residents of North Dakota can expect severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, and flash flooding.

Stutsman County Emergency Manager and 911 Coordinator Andrew Kirking say they are using the week to cool off and refresh members of the public on what to do in case of severe weather during the summer. He says a big part of that is testing tornado sirens in the county.

Sirens will sound in Jamestown, Buchanan, Cleveland, Medina and Streeter. Sirens are placed at specific points to provide the most effective warning signal to people in the area. Jamestown has six mermaids located at strategic points in the city with one mermaid near the Jamestown Dam Marina.

While sirens are most often activated to warn the public of a tornado, they can also be activated for any dangerous situation in the community. Kirking says they will update their social media as often as possible to keep you informed.

The test will take place at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, April 27 and will last approximately 3 minutes.