Signal management

Signal transformers for reliable battery management

30-08-2022 | Würth | Power

With WE-BMS, Würth Elektronik offers signal transformers for battery management systems which, thanks to the galvanic isolation of 4300VDC/1 min and a high operating voltage of up to 1000VDC, are excellent for use in energy storage systems, electric bicycles or e-bikes. scooters. In addition to transformers, new series components also include at least one common-mode choke to filter out common-mode disturbances. The company’s design offers a much longer physical line of flight than equivalent products on the market, while being very compact. Low profile 3.45mm high component variants are also available.

As the WE-BMS product code indicates, the transformers are absolutely optimized for battery management systems. They are mainly used to ensure reliable operation and to provide information on the state of charge. The individual cells of a battery pack are connected in series, as are the downstream BMS controllers. Voltage differences and EMI can occur between components or boards connected in series. The transformer helps isolate the components from each other and suppress EMI. Applications include storage systems for solar installations or UPS. As the series is AEC-Q200 qualified, it is also ideal for e-mobility applications. It supports serial, isoSPI and SPI daisy chaining.

The component is designed for the extended operating temperature range between -40C to 125C, and in various sizes from 7.6mm x 9.5mm x 5.5mm to 15.1mm x 15.4mm x 3, 45mm.