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Short Volatility Alert: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Shares of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TAK) saw volatile short activity on Tuesday. After the activity, the stock price fell -0.08% to $12.80.

The general sentiment for ILUS has been bearish.

The volatility alert signal is trending Bearish. Therefore, the recommendation is to Increase short exposure.

The volatility alert was produced on the previous trade date, 27/09/2022, with a change in volatility of +93.724%. The current volatility indicator stands at 15.820.

Overview: The Securities Lending Volatility Indicator is produced by Tidal Markets, in partnership with Benzinga Insights. Securities lending is primarily used to provide liquidity to short sellers. When unusual activity occurs in the securities lending markets, it acts as a forward indicator of what is likely to happen downstream in the ordinary stock market.

Understanding the Volatility Alert: Overall sentiment is considered “bearish” when the security’s general market activity has been shown to indicate a negative directional base, or is considered “bullish” when it indicates a base positive directional. The Securities Lending Volatility Indicator provides a signal when it detects unusual short activity. Unusual short activity is based on a computer-generated algorithmic formula using securities lending transaction details such as the volume of shares sold short, the rate paid to short the shares and the type of collateral posted – among other variables. The current volatility is the calculated value of the securities lending volatility for the respective trading day. Volatility percentage change is the difference in volatility percentage between the two most recent days. The recommendation is a suggestive strategy, inferred from the strength of the signal trend, the current volatility and the percentage change in volatility. Recommendations may include ‘Buy strong’, ‘Sell strong’, ‘Increase short exposure’, ‘Decrease short exposure’ or ‘Market neutral’.