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QB prospect’s draft stock reportedly plummets due to off-field issues

An NFL Draft QB’s stock is reportedly down due to issues beyond the football field.

Ole Miss QB Matt Corral was addressed by an unnamed OC, saying he had concerns about the quarterback:

“He’s kind of a mess. … His offense was a true college offense. He pushes the ball. He plays recklessly with his body. He can’t stand to play like he did in college. And there are character issues. I’m not sure you want him running your program. His kind of problems aren’t the kind solved by giving a kid millions of dollars.

However, one NFL QB coach spoke about the Ole Miss QB and compared his exit from football to San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo:

“As a player, where the ball goes, I’m a big fan. He was 212 pounds at the combine. I doubt he’s playing at that weight. But he’s got a super quick release. It’s like jimmy [Garoppolo’s]. It can almost be too fast sometimes. He has a strong arm. His arm might be a bit overhyped, just because he’s making more tight window throws, so he needs to display it more. … And he is very difficult, they used him as a racer and his maintenance was solid.

As for off-field matters, Corral had a run-in with one of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s children in high school, which caused him to drop out of high school. There were also concerns about his maturity during his early years at Ole Miss.

However, the message he gave to NFL teams was that he had truly made a major shift with the help of Ole Miss Head Coach Lane Kiffin and was ready to be a professional. .

Another OC said further analysis would be needed if the team was interested, saying:

“Yeah, if we were interested, I would do a much deeper dive on that. You hear he’s a big party animal and has been in trouble, but he’ll tell you he’s pulled himself together.

But the coordinator also went on to say:

“This is my third guy, I would stop there at the guys who I think are starting.”

Matt Corral as an NFL Draft QB prospect

Mississippi vs. Arkansas
Mississippi vs. Arkansas

During his career with Ole Miss, Corral threw for 8,287 yards, 57 touchdowns and 23 interceptions. He was fifth in college football with a 70.9% completion percentage, seventh in passing yards (3,337 yards) and passing touchdowns (29) in 2020.

In 2021, he had 3,349 passing yards, 20 touchdowns and five interceptions while rushing for 11 touchdowns.

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