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Kenny Omega spotted in the offices of a major video game company

Kenny Omega has a bit more free time these days as he awaits the results of AEW’s reported investigation into a backstage melee involving himself, the Young Bucks, CM Punk and Ace Steel after All Out. . We learned yesterday that Omega is spending his free time in Japan, and today he’s been hanging out with fellow icons Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, and maybe even the “Jet Set Radio” skateboarders.

Early Tuesday morning, the official Sega Twitter account posted a photo of Omega and Sonic at Sega’s offices in Japan.

“Guess who visited the SEGA office??” the account tweeted.

Omega is in town for the Tokyo Game Show convention, where he was to be part of the presentation of the upcoming “AEW Fight Forever” video game, in which Omega was heavily involved. While it’s unconfirmed if Omega is still around on official AEW business, his presence could signal that he shouldn’t be missing much of AEW’s time after the investigation concludes. As of this writing, Omega, nor anyone else involved in the post-All Out backstage brawl, has commented on the situation.

The Tokyo Game Show convention will officially kick off this Thursday in, you guessed it, Tokyo, Japan, and will continue through Sunday. It’s unclear what day “AEW Fight Forever” will premiere at the convention, or if it will be available to play throughout as it was when it premiered at the Gamescom convention in Germany in August.