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If Putin stops nuclear weapons, the price for Russia will be astronomical, – Nuland

If Putin stops nuclear weapons, the price for Russia will be astronomical - Nuland

Photo: Victoria Nuland/z vіdkritikh dzherel

US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s intercessor says no one can prove that Putin is stagnating a tactical nuclear weapon in the war with Ukraine, writes ‘European Truth’.

“We can rightly follow the path and already give orders for zhahlivy military misdeeds, delighted. And then we can do everything, and we must be ready to win Russia from different types of fire with catastrophic consequences, – said Vaughn. a signal about those who will be a disaster not only for Ukraine but for the world. It is also an absolutely catastrophic legacy for Putin himself and also for Russia.

“I can only sing: to instill in Russians these high costs, this high price, as for Russia this is perhaps the worst aggression – in this case, the price of the trip will be simply astronomical, – added Nuland.

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