Signal management

Hillsborough County – Traffic Management and CCTV

Our traffic management division maintains and operates the following systems and programs:

  • Intelligent transportation system – this results in efficient movement of vehicles, improved safety and increased mobility for all transport users in Hillsborough County
  • Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Projects – integrates all county-operated and maintained traffic signals into the central traffic signal management system
  • Traffic light schedules and review of traffic light plans
  • Traffic Management Center (TMC) – uses closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to monitor traffic to divert traffic around accident sites, improve travel times, monitor construction sites, and observe traffic patterns to improve Security

Smart Traffic Network

The Smart Traffic Network provides safe intersections and journeys for motorists and pedestrians. The system can detect when a vehicle is at the stop line of an intersection and when there are bicycles and pedestrians, and it improves the safety of vulnerable road users.

How do we use CCTV cameras?

CCTV cameras are an integral part of the system because they allow a better knowledge of traffic conditions. This includes identifying and verifying incidents for changes to traffic light schedules and visualization of work zones.

  • Traffic jam management: Used to divert traffic around crash sites and improve travel times
  • Supervise construction sites: Actively monitor traffic patterns and diversion routes
  • Security enhancements: Observe traffic configuration issues and recommend traffic studies conducted by the engineering consultant of the traffic management team

CCTV Camera FAQs

Q: Does Hillsborough County record vehicular and pedestrian crashes?

A: No, we do not record any video footage from CCTV cameras. Live video feeds are never recorded and are only used to monitor traffic conditions.

Q: Do all intersections have CCTV cameras?

A: No, CCTV cameras are mostly found at high traffic intersections.

Q: Does anyone monitor intersections in real time?

A: Yes, the TMC is busy during peak hours Monday-Friday 7am-5pm, excluding holidays. TMC is also activated during scheduled and emergency events.

View FDOT Property live cctv camera stream

Q: Are CCTV cameras the same as red light cameras?

A: No, Hillsborough County Public Works does not maintain or operate red light cameras.