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Good Afternoon News: New Seasons Management Strikes Back, Betsy Johnson’s Machine Gun and Buffalo Shooter Charged

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New Seasons management pushes back against unionization efforts. New seasons

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Another hot day tomorrow (with highs in the 70s), but watch for storms late afternoon tomorrow and into Friday! But for now let’s be on the lookout for NEW.


• As workers suspected, it didn’t take New Seasons management long to crush a fledgling union at the grocer’s “Seven Corners” store. Check out the latest from our Alex Zielinski.

• The cops have FINALLY released more information about a shootout between them and a driver that ended with one victim in the hospital…but as usual, their responses only inspire more questions. Our Isabella Garcia has the latest.

Fresh off of her embarrassing appearance at TEDXPortland where she nearly got booed off the stage, gun-loving gubernatorial candidate Betsy Johnson is now the subject of this oregonian investigation, in which we learn that Betsy not only owns regular firearms, but also a MACHINE GUN!

• ICYMI, the City of Portland was recently defrauded of $1.4 million in a hack, and while investigations are ongoing, and we are learning more about How? ‘Or’ What it happened, the the city is not as open to Why it happened.

• In 2021, local nonprofit Outside the Frame partnered with Open Signal to teach homeless youth how to make films with 360° cameras. But they were never able to project the immersive works properly until OMSI offered to hold an event in its planetarium. Chase Hutchinson has the story.

• There’s a new biography on famed politician Mark O. Hatfield that recounts some of the highlights (and lows) of his varied career. Does this do Hatfield justice? Find out in this review by entertaining history buff Joe Streckert.


• The white racist accused of murdering 10 people in a Buffalo grocery store shooting has been charged with 25 counts, including hate crime murder and domestic terrorism.

• And it doesn’t stop:

• Meanwhile, in Uvalde, Texas, the city’s police chief is loudly proclaiming that he is in fact cooperating with Texas state investigators who previously said the chief was keeping quiet following his catastrophic handling of the town’s elementary school massacre.

• The mutual libel lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has come to an unsatisfactory conclusion…but how could it be otherwise?

• Facebook COO (I refuse to call her by her dumb new name) Sheryl “Lean In” Sandberg reflects on her retirement from the world-ruining juggernaut, so I hope she’s proud of herself.

• It’s a big NOPE!

• And finally… tonight I hope you sleep like a baby. Ok, maybe not this baby.