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Gausium service robots surprise with their variety at the 2nd International Real Estate Management and Procurement Exhibition

Gausium robots at the 2nd International Exhibition for Property Management and Procurement


Vacuum Diffuser 40

Delivery X1 Pro

Scrubber 50 Pro

A diverse portfolio of Gausium service robots was exhibited at the 2nd International Property Management & Procurement Expo

HONG KONG, CHINA, Sept. 7, 2022 / — A leading provider of autonomous cleaning and service robot solutions, Gausium entered the fall season by showcasing an updated portfolio at a international exhibition on real estate management and procurement.

Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC), the International Property Management & Procurement Expo 2022 was one of the largest property management shows in Asia and provided an exceptional platform to showcase the latest property management offerings. services and products.

For three days starting August 30, Gausium showcased an assortment of innovative floor cleaning and indoor delivery robots. The focal points of the presentations were:
• A new Phantas “all-in-one” floor cleaning robot
• Vacuum 40 diffuser equipped with an atomization disinfection and aroma diffusion kit
• The latest pro version of the Delivery X1 Pro autonomous delivery robot

A brand new next-level intelligent cleaning robot has been introduced to the Hong Kong public for the first time!
Designed for small to medium commercial installations and offering four cleaning modes, Phantas has attracted many visitors interested in equipping their businesses with this “All In One” solution.
The most frequently asked question from visitors was, “How long can it run on a single battery charge?” Phantas can run for up to 5 hours on a single battery charge and clean up to 700 m2 per hour. Then it will take 2 hours to recharge.
Another cutting-edge technology that has been received with great interest from the public is an automatic point-to-point spot cleaning mode. In this mode, the robot scans the cleanliness of the floor and autonomously performs spot cleaning, removing stains immediately before they spread over the entire surface.

Other benefits of Phantas are:
• Superior passability
• Fully autonomous mapping
• 3D perception based on deep learning
• 400% efficiency improvement with autonomous spot cleaning

Vacuum Diffuser 40
The Vacuum 40 diffuser equipped with an atomization disinfection and/or aroma diffusion kit was also presented to the Hong Kong public for the first time! An upgraded version of a self-contained robot vacuum, Vacuum 40 can not only vacuum, sweep and dry mop, but also creates clean air and pleasant scents using its medical-grade HEPA filter and atomizer of aroma.
With the increased cleanliness demands brought about by the pandemic, it’s no surprise that the new diffuser kit has attracted many visitors looking for a cleaning solution for high foot traffic areas.

Delivery X1 Pro
For the distribution of advertising brochures, this time was responsible for delivering X1 Pro. Gausium’s latest pro version autonomous delivery robot circled the exhibition pavilion handing out brand flyers and brochures.
The trays of the Pro version are equipped with weight sensors and LED indicators that perceive and signal the state of the load. It also has a larger screen (10 inches) and an optional 3D camera that allows human recognition. Combined with the screen, it can provide real-time interaction with visitors by smiling and winking at them.
Delivery X1Pro also offers state-of-the-art environmental sensing and localization capabilities and adopts advanced shock attenuation mechanisms to provide a stable and splash-proof delivery process.

Scrubber 50 Pro
Rounding out the range of AI-powered service robots, Gausium introduced visitors to its best-selling model, the Scrubber 50 Pro.
Deep learning algorithms embedded in a fusion of 2D, 3D and RGB LiDAR camera sensors give the robot high-precision environmental perception and the ability to make advanced operation decisions based on the real-time situation.
Like Phantas, Scrubber 50 Pro also features the revolutionary Auto Spot Cleaning mode. It is also equipped with an integrated water recycling filtration system, which reduces fresh water consumption by up to 80%.

By showcasing the most versatile range of AI-powered commercial robots at an international property management and procurement trade show, Gausium has once again proven its leadership in autonomous cleaning.

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