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Personal enjoyment doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom. The 3D printed FREUTOY anal plug lets you play all day long, with an accessory that works perfectly with the Hiddenjoy Lingerie range.

  • What are the best sex toys for beginners? A vibrator or anal plug is a good place to start.
  • Why wear an anal plug? Butt plugs provide constant stimulation and can help prepare you for some fun later in the day.
  • Is it possible to 3D print a sex toy? Yes in fact. FREUTOY is the proof. This unique anal plug unlocks hidden pleasure.

It’s not often that we talk about sex toys, even with friends. Yet these pleasure-provocers are more popular than ever. In particular, portable toys are spreading. People seem to finally be discovering the hidden pleasure that comes from hiding something nasty underneath beautiful clothes.

FREUTOYis the latest addition to the portable niche. This 3d printed The anal plug is designed to work in harmony with the new range of lingerie from Hiddenjoy. Combined, they allow you to enjoy safe hours of stimulation and surprise your partner when the action starts.

What is the particularity of Hiddenjoy Lingerie?

This unique line of underwear may be the first to be designed for use with sex toys. Instead of just hiding the FREUTOY, they work in tandem with it.

FREUTOY offers discreet pleasure

Available in several sexy styles, Hiddenjoy Lingerie has a built-in hook that provides an attachment point for the FREUTOY. This ensures that the toy stays put throughout the day and adds a bit of spice to the bedroom.

[tweet_box]The 3D printed FREUTOY anal plug lets you play all day long, with an accessory that works perfectly with the Hiddenjoy Lingerie range[/tweet_box]

Equally important, the attachment can easily be broken whenever you need to take a break.

Smart design

portable toy 02

FREUTOY is perfectly designed

Regardless of the lingerie connection, FREUTOY is an excellent stand-alone product.

The toy is made of 3D printed stainless steel. The manufacturing process takes 25 hours, during which time the toy undergoes laser sintering. The resulting finish is pretty much flawless and the anatomical shape is much more comfortable than many other models.

portable toy 04

You can wear FREUTOY all day

But that’s not the only cool thing about FREUTOY. The steel toy is actually hollow which means it is much lighter than expected. As a result, you can wear it for much longer periods without any discomfort.

portable toy 07

FREUTOY has an integrated lubricant reservoir

In addition, FREUTOY has its own lubricant reservoir. You just need to fill the small reservoir before using the toy and let the heat and movement of your body do the rest.

portable toy 03

FREUTOY is perfect for beginners

Measuring just over an inch in diameter (30mm), this toy is perfect for beginners and veterans alike. You can use it now with the Hiddenjoy Shorts and Thong underwear; compatible dresses and skirts should be available later.

“Hiddenjoy Lingerie launches a revolutionary fastening system for its clothes. The flagship product FREUTOY has a unique system for attaching textiles to the body. This new product allows users to wear unique designs and fits while enjoying an unexpected level of comfort. – Hiddenjoy IndieGoGo

Hidden pleasure

portable toy 08

Is FREUTOY the perfect anal plug?

It is clear that FREUTOY has been carefully designed with the sole aim of providing hidden pleasure. Even if it’s up to you if you want to be discreet!

Future designs

With more clothes on the way, there will soon be new ways to get frisky. It will be interesting to see what Hiddenjoy has in store.


– IndieGoGo: Until November 21

– Promise: US $ 299

– Delivery: December 2018

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