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Four men arrested for the lynching of two employees of a telecommunications company


Police have finally arrested four men named in the case of the brutal lynching of two telecommunications company employees by a mob in Machar Colony as they carried out raids to apprehend the other defendants.

According to Pervaiz Solangi of SHO Docks Police Station, 42 people have been detained in the past two days for questioning.

While sharing more details, he said the two telecom company employees got lost while checking the signal strength in the area. They stopped near a child and asked for help, but some people sounded the alarm, saying the occupants of the car were abducting the child.

Soon a crowd gathered at the scene. They pulled the two telecommunications workers, identified as Ishaq Pahnwar and Ayman Javed, from the car and began beating them with anything they could get their hands on, SHO said, adding that they were both died instantly.

Witnesses told police the mob beat the two men with rocks, bricks and sticks and punched and kicked them, resulting in their deaths.

SHO Solangi further stated that the Complainant named 15 suspects in the FIR. “We have arrested four of them, while raids are being carried out to arrest the other defendants,” he added. The arrested accused will appear in court on Monday.

He added that they detained 42 people as part of an investigation into the brutal lynching. He said that using video footage of the incident available on social media, they were trying to find out how the lynching took place and identify the culprits.

Meanwhile, police dismissed rumors of the lynching of two men at the instigation of a mosque administrator in Machhar settlement. SHO Solangi called the reports “baseless and fabricated”.

“In fact, the mosque administrator had called the office of the telecommunications company to inform them that two of their employees were being lynched by a mob.

The company immediately informed the police, who attended the scene and attempted to rescue the two.

However, by the time they were taken to the civilian hospital, they were already dead.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 31st2022.