Signal management

FOR-A develops the FA-9600 signal processor for precise color management on large screens

Much more than basic frame synchronization, the versatile FA-9600 signal processor offers four synchronization modes, flexible timecode handling, high-quality conversion, and versatile video and audio I/O. With HDR and wide color gamut support and front-panel adjustment buttons, its industry-leading color correction is essential for precisely matched LED walls and other displays.

The color correction capability of the FA-9600 signal processors allows engineers to easily paint outputs so that walls and LED displays look uniform when close together. Physical buttons provide a more intuitive touch and feel for precise and detailed color correction.

Each of the FA-9600 processor’s two HD/SD inputs includes a frame synchronizer. Since the signal processor has 12G-SDI terminals, optional software opens the door to 4K (UHD) production. Adding an optional expansion card provides four additional channels of 3G-SDI input/output or six channels of 12G-SDI distributed output.

The FA-9600 is more than just a frame synchronizer. It simplifies all types of video conversion. A newly developed color processing circuit supports the latest gamut and dynamic range specifications, and an optional converter circuit is available for up/down/cross conversion. Offering a wide range of audio processing, essential remapping and gain adjustment functionality, the FA-9600 can be expanded with optional cards*1 that make it an ideal standalone solution in transmission centers, truck mobile production, production studios, news stations, and other non-linear broadcast editing and production environments.