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DVIDS – News – Ohio National Guard Activates New Army Non-Traditional Signal Company

A new Ohio National Guard Network Operations Unit was created during an activation ceremony Oct. 20 at the 216th Engineer Battalion Headquarters, located at the Woodlawn Training and Community Center.

The 1137th Signal Company TIN-E (Tactical Installation and Networking-Enhanced) has risen to provide a wealth of installation and maintenance capabilities for cable, wire, and fiber optic systems.

“The signals community in Ohio is tiny,” said Col. Teri Williams, Ohio National Guard information officer, “so Ohio leaders decided to compete for the Ohio has a significant need to grow its signal community to support other state capabilities. TIN-E provides a strategic capability that will benefit the nation and the state. Ohio continues to be one of the most successful in force management and delivery.

The unit, as a force structure newly assigned to the Ohio National Guard, was assigned to the 216th because its mission relates to vertical construction capabilities within the battalion, Maj. Michael J. Antonas said. , operations officer of the 216th.

“This unit differs from traditional signal companies in that its mission and modification table of organization and equipment (MTOE) are radically different,” said Capt. Abbie A. Rebosky, commander of the 1137th.

For example, the 137th Signal Company and Company C, 837th Engineer Battalion, are companies designed to support their brigades, Rebosky said.

“They are both equipped with Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 1b equipment designed to provide a brigade-sized element with network communication (Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet Services: Unclassified Internet Protocol Router [NIPR] secret internet protocol networks and router [SIPR] networks),” Rebosky said. “The TIN-E basically sets the framework for orders, as well as provides quality assurance from subject matter experts that their network foundation is working properly.”

The 1137th team members are the Army’s “cables” and fellow commanders, Rebosky said.

The new company has a headquarters section to provide mission command and two platoons, each with two cable sections, two interior factory teams and two exterior factory teams. In-house factory teams provide installation and maintenance of indoor cable, wire and fiber optic systems, as well as repair and maintenance of local cable, wire and fiber optic systems. The plant’s external teams provide maintenance of aerial, buried and/or underground cable, wire and/or fiber optic systems, as well as repair and maintenance of cable, wire and/or fiber optic systems. local fiber optics.

Additional capabilities of the unit include digital system installation through building, editing and testing computer system programs and data system studies, troubleshooting software associated with initializing the wide area network (WAN) and other networks, providing knowledge of system administrator and WAN/network management functions, connecting the local area network (LAN) of various theater seats to the required WAN via cabling, hardware installation and connection to tactical and native switches and transport systems, and performing digital system installation to include LAN, network security hardware and video teleconferencing (VTC).

At full strength, the unit will have four signals officers, a network management technician (a Chief Warrant Officer 2) and 145 enlisted soldiers – mainly made up of information technology specialists and systems installers-maintainers. cables – for a total of 150 soldiers.

“Missions we expect the 1137th to complete include installing and maintaining telecommunications lines (internet and telephone) in new construction projects, repairing/replacing and maintaining telecommunications lines in existing structures, as well as the installation, repair and maintenance of major telecommunications lines from source equipment to buildings via aerial, buried or underground means,” said Antonas.

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