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DVIDS – News – Brigade Signal Company Maintains Communications and Combat Readiness

Signals soldiers from the 16th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division conducted a communications exercise at Doña Ana Base Camp, New Mexico, from 27 as of January 31, 2020.

The purpose of the exercise was to certify aircrews on new equipment to enable the Brigade to utilize superior tactical internet communications and conduct rebroadcast operations.

Company C, “Charlie Rock”, is the signals company of 1/1 AD. Charlie Rock provides line-of-sight and beyond line-of-sight communications support for the Ready First Brigade. Signal soldiers help their units take control of more battlespace by communicating across a wider footprint.

The company upgraded from a Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2 to an Increment 1 in December 2019. WIN-T Inc. 1 provides an interoperable high-speed voice and data communications network in the field. They also trained on a new satellite-transportable terminal.

“The difference is that Inc. 1 is less mobile than Inc. 2 but offers the same services with a smaller footprint,” said Second Lieutenant Erik Swanson, platoon leader and signals officer with Charlie Rock. .

Juniors recruited into different signal-related military occupational specialties had the opportunity to do their jobs in an austere environment and train each other on their particular skills.

“We are constantly creating flaws and then fixing them so we can progress and learn more from the equipment,” Pfc said. Jeremy Fincham, operator maintainer of multi-channel transmission systems. “I really enjoyed the cross-training and learning about radios.”

“We mostly cross-train with the 25Qs (Multi-Channel Transmission System Operator Maintainers) because without the STT we would not have the connection needed to keep the common network node network running,” Pfc said. . Deshawn Esannason, Operator-Maintainer of Core Network Systems.

For Pfc Angel Herrera, a communications support systems specialist, it was an opportunity to step into the shoes of a non-commissioned officer and mentor his peers.

“My mission was to set up retransmissions and teach soldiers how to install, maintain and use radios,” Herrera said. “I created faults on the radios inside the Humvees and then they had to find the problem. These soldiers now know how to troubleshoot and fix their own radio problems. I learned how to instruct other soldiers and the capabilities additional radios.

For many young soldiers, this was their first field exercise since basic training. They had the opportunity to conduct convoy operations, night driver training, self-recovery operations, field repair, camouflage and security.

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