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Company management asks workers to shell out over $30 for staff Christmas party

Christmas is coming, that magical time is fast approaching when all the relatives or friends will gather for a festive party in anticipation of the real magic of Christmas, and there will be no room for bad emotions in this evening filled with joy … Or not.

Not all employees like festive company parties – after all, in many companies this is not done from the heart, but simply because company values ​​and so on should be adhered to. And the events themselves often turn out to be quite boring, with so many employees honestly admitting they only come to eat and drink for free…or not.

This particular story first appeared a few days ago on the Reddit Antiwork community, and u/caribbeanrumcake’s post managed to garner over 7.1,000 upvotes and almost 1,000 different comments in a short time. . To say the editors were surprised would be an understatement. So let’s see what happened there.

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The author of the message works in a company which plans to organize a joint party on Christmas and Thanksgiving

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The author of the original post works for a company that organizes a company party for Thanksgiving and the next Christmas in early December. This time the admin as always sent messages to all the staff regarding the upcoming dinner, but the employees got a not entirely pleasant surprise.

Company management asks workers to shell out over $30 for staff Christmas party

Image credits: u/caribbeanrumcake

Superiors told staff they wanted them to pay $30 if they were planning on attending the party

Turns out this time, everyone who wants to come to the party and enjoy tacos has to pay $30, and they’re allowed to bring one guest with them unless they have kids. All the money left over after ordering tacos, the administration intends to spend on various drinks. This was followed by a deadline to donate money for the organization of the event.

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That’s not to say the post’s author and his colleagues are such big gift-lovers, but paying $30 for the dodgy privilege after a day’s work of staring into the faces of the people you spend eight hours a day with is , you see, priceless. And, in principle, all the world traditions of corporate events imply that everything is done at the expense of the company, and not of the employees.

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Commentators thought the company was going through tough times with its finances, but the author clarified that it was doing well

It must be said that many people in the comments were also outraged by the behavior of the company’s management, but at the same time they warned the original poster that such a move is an alarming signal. The company may not be doing well with the money, so maybe it’s time for employees to brush up on their resumes. To this, however, the author of the post replied that the company is doing well financially and likes to brag about it, including at corporate events.

However, this is the first time since 2018 that employees have been told to contribute

According to the general manager, the original poster says the budget given to them is $500, while the taquero is $1,500, so he wanted the employees to cover the difference. The author of the post also admits that they have been working in this company since 2018, and this is the first such case in their memory. Dinner is always a potluck or whatever the kitchen prepares for the staff with the $500, the PO recalls.

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Perhaps the wittiest comment the original poster received was, “I’ll be busy that night.” Keep your taquero! On the other hand, as the OP says, the company currently employs 44 people, so someone will definitely come to the party. Plus any children they may have and their only guest. In general, most likely, it will turn out that the management will again have someone to brag about their incredible financial success.

One of the people in the comments said that he worked in different companies and teams for over thirty years, attended hundreds of company events – and always, absolutely always, those events were fully funded by the company. Therefore, as commentators say, such behavior on the part of superiors is completely unacceptable and even outrageous.

If you too have already paid to attend a company party, we are already looking forward to this fascinating story. But even if not, comments are always greatly appreciated, so feel free to leave them below this post.