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California company wants to help improve Nashville traffic

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Visitors come to Nashville for the music, but locals are usually stuck with traffic.

“Traffic has become noticeably more aggressive,” Curtis Corazao said.

Aggressive, or whatever term you prefer to use to describe our traffic, is something natives say gets progressively worse.

“I think it’s definitely heavier,” Happy Stamper said.

“Whenever you try to get the kids to school in the morning, there’s mostly traffic everywhere,” Dominic Hardy said.

So what is the solution ? Some locals believe in public transport.

“I think if you want to reduce traffic, you should implement public transport,” Corazao said. “Less vehicles on the streets and more public transport.”

“We have good accessibility to our bus system, but a lot of people aren’t using it,” Stamper said.

But a California-based company says it has something that could help change that.

Bobby Lee is the chief marketing officer of Lyt, a company that focuses on prioritizing transit signals.

“What is it to either give immediate green lights to these emergency vehicles or give priority over those green lights to transit buses,” Bobby Lee said.

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Lee says their company uses artificial intelligence and a cloud-based system to help bring road data to traffic lights.

“We don’t change those lights ourselves,” he said. “We provide this information to the signal and we say here is the information.”

Their system is used to help prioritize lights for first responders and emergency vehicles, but also public transportation, which Lee says could impact traffic.

“If we prioritize, say, transit and make it more time-competitive and make it more attractive and we find that this bus goes down and gets some greens that might get people back in traffic “, did he declare.

Lee says they can’t share too many details, but they’re talking to Nashville and surrounding cities about their system, and he hopes if city leaders say yes, it could be something that could improve traffic for the residents.

News 2 reached out to the mayor’s office to see if they could share more details, but have yet to hear back.

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News 2 also contacted We Go who said they would follow up and come back with us.