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As baby formula supplies dwindle, North Carolina officials warn of price gouging

NORTH CAROLINA (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Families across the United States are struggling to find infant formula as shelves remain empty.

Our state’s chief prosecutor is warning North Carolina families about another potential problem.

“It’s a basic human need,” Carli Davis said. “Babies need to eat.”

Formula options are slim at Charlotte’s pharmacies and grocery stores.

“It’s terrifying, terrifying,” Davis said.

To avoid clearing shelves, some stores have imposed restrictions on the number of customers who can be taken home at one time.

“If you think about how hard families are to feed one baby, just think about feeding two, three or four babies because the limits for buying formula at the store are the same, they don’t care how many of babies you have, you get one can,” Davis said.

Davis is the mother of eight-month-old twins. She typically buys her formula overseas, but even that has become more difficult in recent months.

“There are parents who are just starting their two or three months on solids, and it’s just terrible for their gut health,” Davis said.

The low inventory stems from ongoing supply chain issues and FDA recalls of major brands. While the shortage is expected to drive up prices, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is warning consumers against price gouging.

“I just want to send a strong signal to sellers in North Carolina: don’t exploit this moment, don’t try to make a quick buck on the backs of desperate parents, because it’s a law in North Carolina. , and we will apply it. “Stein said.

Some moms choose to avoid the stores altogether and create formula in their own kitchens.

“I spend like an afternoon on a Sunday every other weekend doing it, and then I freeze for the week. It’s a lot of work the day you make it, after that it’s kind of the same as using formula out of a box, where you just pick it up,” Davis said.

On Friday afternoon, Stein said his office had yet to receive a complaint about overpriced infant formula.

For more information on how to file a complaint, visit: or call 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.