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A student company creates a device to save fishermen

Muscat – A student company from Sohar University of Technology and Applied Sciences has created a device that can help rescue fishermen trapped on the high seas.

Called Etienne, the device can be installed on fishing boats, which sends a distress signal in the event of an emergency to the authorities concerned who can then actively engage in the rescue of fishermen.

Aiman ​​bin Abdullah al Hosani, one of the company’s students, told ONA that the device activates in case of specific boat problems.

“These problems were identified through a questionnaire distributed to fishermen for an investigation, the results of which indicated that two problems were common. It’s about boats capsizing and sinking due to leaks,” Hosani said.

Certified by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Promotion of Investments (MoCIIP), the device incorporates advanced satellite communication technologies allowing communication from anywhere on Earth. It also includes water leak sensors.

The MoCIIP also granted the company an intellectual property certificate for Etienne.

“In addition to an automated response in the event of the two specified emergencies, the device also has an emergency button to send a distress message followed by the location of the boat to the competent authorities in case of need,” said Hosani said.

He informed that the company began manufacturing and installing the device in June 2021. “It is designed for small offshore fishing boats and recreational boats to ensure safety and security in sea”.

The device went through several stages of testing and trials before the final product was manufactured.