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2022-08-31 | NYSE: DME | Press release

Emerson (NYSE:EMR) today announced that it has made a strategic investment through Emerson Ventures, its venture capital arm, in Spearix Technologies, Inc., whose adaptive multi-core radio processor provides a of the system for the Industrial Internet of Things. (IIoT) wireless communication.

Through investment and Emerson Ventures’ value-added strategic investment approach, Emerson will support Spearix technology and early growth while developing its own IIoT capabilities. Emerson Ventures is the first corporate or institutional investor to invest in Spearix. Along with this investment, Emerson has also entered into an engineering collaboration agreement with Spearix.

“As the IIoT expands, billions of radio frequency (RF) sensors and transceivers will operate in close proximity to one another in low-cost, license-free RF bands. Wireless networks are increasingly challenged by a variety of RF attackers, which can impact reliability and range,” said Thurston Cromwell, vice president of development and innovation and director of Emerson Ventures. “We believe that technologies such as those Spearix is ​​building hold promise for overcoming obstacles caused by interference and congestion. Emerson will benefit from even greater reliability and range through the implementation of Spearix technology in our robust portfolio of industrial wireless mesh networks and associated software products. Spearix technology also presents a huge opportunity to dramatically improve the performance of many other wireless communication protocols.”

“Emerson Ventures’ the investment will allow Spearix to advance its advanced RF and digital signal processor (DSP) architectures and continue to provide solutions that solve connectivity challenges in harsh and congested RF environments,” said Laura Schafer, vice president and general manager, ubiquitous sensing and connectivity solutions at Emerson. “This technology offers a new hardware and software approach that has the potential to significantly improve performance while preserving investments made in existing communication protocols.”

Based in Cedar Park, Texas, Spearix’s core product offering is a multi-core radio processor and associated software that adapts to optimize performance and power based on measured environmental conditions. The technology has been shown to significantly improve the connection reliability of industrial protocols while operating under heavy interference induced by ubiquitous high-power, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi operation.

“At Spearix, we have ambitious plans and goals, and we are thrilled to partner with Emerson, who brings the same innovative thinking we rely on every day, ” said Manas Behera, founder and CEO of Spearix. “Emerson is the perfect fit for us because they have the right people, technology, processes and market expertise. Together, we believe we will solve a huge challenge currently facing the IIoT.”

Juan Conchas, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Spearix, added, “Partnering with Emerson is a key step in bringing Spearix technology to market, opening up many new use cases in high-value applications to the beyond industry. The market demands industrial-grade reliability in many emerging applications, especially in open spectrum bands like 2.4 GHz where coexistence will be a challenge.”

The investment will complement Emerson’s vision for WirelessHART and the evolution of its IIoT product portfolio. Emerson led the development of WirelessHART as an open standard in the 2000s, establishing it as the primary wireless protocol for industrial applications. The integration of Spearix technology offers a step change in reliability and range that is fully compatible with existing WirelessHART systems and will improve coexistence and spectral efficiency, provide wider network support to reduce total cost of ownership, offer higher data rates to support data-rich peripherals and provide redundancy for mission-critical applications.

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