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12 women on how they found out.

“I found another woman’s socks.”

“I found another woman’s socks in my room. I was so in denial that I thought they were mine. Omg! Crazy shit we do.” – Rachel.

“I saw a message from a girl saying ‘I love you too, thanks for dinner.'”

“My ex came home one night after going to the ‘pub with the boys’. He stripped and jumped into bed, then asked me to pull his phone out of his work pants to fix a problem. alarm. from his pocket it vibrated with a message from a girl saying “I love you too, thanks for dinner x”. I confronted him, he was so drunk and he confessed everything. We broke up that night but I left him in my bed because he was too drunk to drive. I slept in my roommate’s bed. The next morning he came in and kissed me goodbye and I didn’t say anything because I was taken aback and he left quickly (tradie, early in the morning). That evening he came back ready for our date, but I was home on the train to prepare to go out with friends. so far and there. ” – Hannah.

“I found a map for a brothel / strip club in my pants pocket.”

“My ex left for a silver weekend, came home and found a brothel / strip club card in his pants pocket. I thought they had to just go to a strip club like they do on Silver Nights. It wasn’t until a few weeks later, as I was going through her bank statements to get in for BAS (taxes), that I found some charge $ 350 and up for the same establishment every hour of the night, the four nights he was away. I confronted him and was told I was just stupid, so my brother called the number on the card for me and asked me for prices. $ 350 got you two hours with an escort in a private room. Done. “- Sarah.

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“I glanced at his phone when he was in the shower.”

“I woke up early one morning, very early for myself, not early for my husband. I was in bed next to him and I could see he was looking at his phone. This is not unusual as he was still reading. the news when he woke up. After a minute I realized he was typing on messages. I could see he was texting a co-worker and foolishly thought they were both workaholics, then if that’s what they needed to do to manage their workday well … But then I saw the pink emoji, followed by the heat emoji. It wasn’t even an emoji user! I now had firsthand knowledge of what it was like to feel your blood boil and the physical effects of anxiety that immediately kick in. It all started to add up.

“She had passed by chance on her way home from an outing with her children (one of my children told me that I was not at home of course, my husband filled in the details very relaxed)… J glanced at his phone when he was in the shower, but he had deleted the messages. That said a lot. But it was the emoji evidence that surprised him. As I calmly told him wished he had a good day before he left for work, I kissed I was reading the messages over his shoulder (referring to emojis) and that if he wanted to come home and meet his young family there tonight- there he would tell her it was over and book marriage counseling. “

“My ex and I were playing a game.”

“My ex and I were playing a game of ‘what would you do if …’ like, what would you do if I couldn’t talk, what would you do if we won the lotto, and he said ‘what would you do? you do if I cheated on you? and I said I didn’t know, and he said, ‘Well, I did. I could have knocked over with a feather. “- Emma.