The debt of Spanish households begins to stabilize

Household indebtedness in Spain has been declining since 2014 until reaching 2006 levels. Despite this, there are still many families that continue to carry their personal debt.


The economic crisis has resulted in a continuous decline in wages and a decrease in spending

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But also in family savings. Thus, Spanish families have chosen to find other alternative ways to continue turning the machine of consumption. Buying a washing machine, painting the house, acquiring a car or investing in a training course reverts not only to the personal economy of each family, but also greases the machinery of global consumption by giving jobs to appliance stores, painters, car dealers or training companies so that the economy is thus reactivated.

For this, families tend to rely on microcredits, payments with the bank card or loans between family members. In general, in this way families seek to obtain that financing that they are denied by banks, which increasingly ask for requirements to issue loans. But despite these obstacles, more and more financing solutions appear in the market, in response to the needs of families.

Green sprouts for an economy that has begun to look for alternative forms of financing among consumers in the face of the situation of banks and the obstacles they put in to issue loans. At a time when crowdfunding (micromanagement programs) is becoming increasingly known, other forms of personal financing imported from Anglo-Saxon countries are being made known in our country: crowdlending has arrived to stay. And Ichiha Bode is one of the best options in the current national crowdlending market.


What is crowdlending?

crowd lending

It is an alternative system of financing between individuals. The borrower asks for a loan to carry out a project (of any kind: furnish a flat, buy a car) and private investors collectively provide financing. This model allows the elimination of intermediaries and therefore reduces the interest payable. Do not lose sight of our blog, since we will keep you informed. For now, you can take a tour of our website and social networks to discover how we can help you.